Vivo Healthcare

Caring Revived.

Vivo Healthcare is an innovative healthcare management group that
oversees skilled nursing facilities throughout Florida. We work with our facility partners to promote care that’s sophisticated, comprehensive, and – above all – true to the Vivo culture of caring.

At Vivo Healthcare, our mission is to infuse the joy of caring into all we do. We believe the best care is delivered not just by utilizing experience and skill, but by engaging our heart and soul, bringing the experience to a new level.

Each day, we dedicate ourselves to creating truly better experiences and outcomes for the people we work with and the residents we care for – with joy.

The Vivo Difference

Always Improving.

Innovative Techniques

We embrace forward-thinking approaches and invest in cutting-edge equipment that increase patient outcomes and quality of life.

Breakthrough Technology

Our top-of-the-line equipment and programs increase efficiency, saving our facilities time and money.

Modern Renovations

From the outside in, we update our facilities so both staff and residents feel comfortable and right at home.


Serving you better.

Jacksonville, FL

Our comprehensive range of rehab services and nursing care is tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Everyone is treated as family because at University Center, everyone is family.

Orange Park, FL

We offer a selection of clinical programs, care & rehabilitative services to ensure the highest level of comfort. We understand that our patients want to go back home and we do our best to get them there - fully recovered!

Jacksonville, FL

While top-notch medical care is the primary concern at Vivo Healthcare Normandy, we put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring the comfort and general well-being of every patient for the duration of their stay.

Vivo Wauchula Logo

Wauchula, FL

Vivo Wauchula is a rehabilitation center that serves both short-term and long-term residents with specialized person-centered recovery programs, a compassionate team, and a soothing environment.

Vivo logo

Sebring, FL

We’re here to help every member of Sebring overcome their health hurdles with comfort and ease. Each program aligns with our community’s needs, from our top-rated cardiac program to our brand-new in-house dialysis center.

Logo Ft Pierce

Ft. Pierce, FL

At Vivo Ft. Pierce Rehabilitation Center. prepare to find yourself enveloped in care, compassion, and deep respect whether you are here for short term rehab, or long term care.

Vivo Winter Haven Logo

Winter Haven, FL

Winter Haven’s short-term rehabilitation programs are designed for efficiency, with leading-edge experts and intelligent rehab techniques that heal faster and feel better.

Yes, we go above and beyond the industry standards. That’s just how we operate at Vivo Healthcare.

Male nurse with patient

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